Slasher flicks and FINAL GIRLS: A review of Riley Sager’s novel

There will be mild spoilers below for assorted horror movies of the last 40 or so years—namely, revealing the names of the “final girls” of said movies. Read on at your own risk.

Screenshot 2017-04-22 15.55.00Until I was 13 or 14 years old, I hated horror movies. I had always hated Halloween because there were nothing but men in scary masks hacking up teenagers on TV (and because I hated seeing teenagers in those same masks running around the neighborhood) and I didn’t like being scared. Life can be awful enough; why subject yourself to extra torture?

But it was the middle of a weekend day, probably on AMC’s Halloween marathon, when my mom (who also largely disliked scary movies) and I ended up engrossed in 1998’s teen slasher, Urban Legend. That moment will live in infamy in my life, as that was the movie that spawned my concurrent love affairs with late 90s teen slasher flicks, Joshua Jackson, and final girls.

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The legitimately tragic #whitepeopleproblems of VILLA AMERICA

“Ernest’s work was good, it was fresh and new. And Scott wanted the world to know that. But that didn’t mean they had to love Ernest more.” –every writer ever, fully agreeing with F. Scott Fitzgerald

9780316211369Villa America is a beautiful, beautiful book, inside and out. The cover immediately caught my eye when I first saw it in that fateful Shelf Awareness newsletter, and once I’d read the synopsis, I was overjoyed to see that I could request a galley to read and review. And it did not disappoint.

Villa America follows Gerald and Sara Murphy, the glittering couple who, in part (and much to their chagrin) inspired the Divers in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night. The Murphys were American ex-pats who hobnobbed with the likes of the Fitzgeralds, Cole Porter, Dorothy Parker, Ernest Hemingway, and basically anybody who was was anybody in 1920s Paris, and their home on the French Riviera — Villa America — became a center of beautiful people, late-night parties, and enough drama to last any person a lifetime. Continue reading The legitimately tragic #whitepeopleproblems of VILLA AMERICA