Donald Trump should read ROLLING BLACKOUTS

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Mr. Trump:

Let me begin by stating how disappointed I was to read in a recent New York Times article that you do not read books. I can only imagine how stressful the job (and it is a job, Mr. Trump–you work for us, the American people) in which you now find yourself must be on a daily basis, but I’ve always found reading to be a wonderful way to both relax and educate yourself on any number of topics. There are books out there on the U.S. government and world history and war, and there are instructional books on everything from how to knit a scarf to how to resist a fascist regime. I believe that books are powerful, reading is essential, and universal literacy should be a top priority in any country that claims to be “the greatest.” Continue reading Donald Trump should read ROLLING BLACKOUTS


Stan Lee is writing a ‘graphic memoir’

But…do we really need one?

Stan-LeeIt has come to the attention of basically everyone that Stan Lee, the “Generalissimo” of Marvel, will be publishing a memoir. Of course, as befits one of the men who helped build Marvel–and the comics industry, in general–into what it is today, it will be a “graphic memoir,” using both words and pictures to tell the story of young Stanley Martin Leiber.

In a statement announcing the book deal, Lee said:

“As Marvel just celebrated its seventy-fifth anniversary, I thought maybe it’s time for a look at my life in the one form it has never been depicted, as a comicbook…or if you prefer, a graphic memoir. It strikes me as a horrendous oversight that I haven’t done it before! If I didn’t know everything about my life already, I’d envy your voyage of discovery!”

Yep, that sounds exactly like something our old pal Stan would say. He isn’t known for being a wilting flower–more of a #humblebrag.

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