Slip beneath the surface with INTO THE WATER

Also this cover is GORGEOUS.

This past summer, my friend Brittney and I went to Montauk for a long weekend. We spent one of our vacation days in East Hampton, where we made an appointment to get our nails done and have a fancy lady day. We had an hour or two to kill until our appointments, so we (of course) went to Book Hampton, where, after much discussion of how we had somehow missed out on reading it, we both bought a copy of Paula Hawkins’s The Girl on the Train.

We finished that book over the course of that day, spending our time getting our nails painted wishing we could be reading and then returning to Montauk to sit outside at a cafe in complete silence and just read. For me, personally, the last 40-50 pages got a bit too melodramatic, but by then, I was hooked, and I needed to know how it ended. Continue reading Slip beneath the surface with INTO THE WATER


Delving into the darkest corners of THE DARKEST CORNERS

“I’d rather be chewed up and spit out than swallowed whole.”

the-darkest-corners-kara-thomasWhen I received Kara Thomas’ The Darkest Corners the other morning at work, I thought it was going to kill me. It was a great piece of bookmail — a UPS package wrapped in crimson tape labeled “EVIDENCE.” When I finally worked out up the courage to open it, I found a plastic evidence bag, filled in with information that only just now makes sense to me, having finished the book. Within was a copy of The Darkest Corners and fake newspaper clippings from the Fayette News, detailing the murders of multiple girls in the small town of Fayette, PA.

Okay. You hooked me Delacorte. You got me. Continue reading Delving into the darkest corners of THE DARKEST CORNERS