Dear POTUS: Read a book.

“Still, Mr. Trump, who does not read books, is able to end his evenings with plenty of television.” —The New York Times, January 25, 2017

The President of the United States does not read books. This should terrify you.

Books are how we first explore our world. Even the children of jet-setters and globetrotters probably read Clifford the Big Red Dog or Spot the Dog. Whether you were an overachiever in childhood who enjoyed heavy tomes or a kid who liked Goosebumps, every time you picked up a book—or someone read a book to you—you were broadening your horizons. You got to know talking dogs and turtles and become better acquainted with magic, yes. But you also traveled to distant lands and learned about jobs you didn’t yet know existed. You learned how to make friends and what kind of fun you could have out in the world. You learned to be careful and you learned not to hate people based on their appearance. Continue reading Dear POTUS: Read a book.


The People’s* President

*People (n, plural): Wealthy, white, heterosexual, cisgender men who will most likely be appointed to positions of power in the U.S. government at some point during the Trump administration

If you consider yourself a liberal in any capacity, you’ve most likely spent the last year and a half watching in horror as America descended into a state of madness. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. What happened to our country these last eighteen months is that, spurred on by a narcissistic bigot without a compassionate bone in his body, a (frighteningly large) swath of the American public stood up to let the rest of us “liberal elites” know that they felt forgotten, left behind, overlooked, discriminated against.

There is truth to this statement. But there is also…let’s say an “alternative truth.” Are farmers in rural areas struggling? Are blue-collar workers largely overlooked? Are these people—the majority of whom are white—also endowed with white privilege so blind they are literally blinded to the struggles of fellow citizens who are not also white? The answer is yes to all of these questions.

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This man will never be my fucking president.

Unedited, rough, and angry. But I had to say something. Welcome back to my blog.

Two days ago, I was in San Antonio, Texas, wrapping up a long weekend with three of my very best friends, two of whom I hadn’t seen since New Year’s of last year. We discussed the election, of course—the insanity that has plagued America for the last year and a half and what we were hoping would happen on Tuesday, November 8. We are four young women ready to see a woman in the White House, ready to close out bigotry and hate. In my Democratic bubble, with only small forays into what I always thought of as the “dark side” of Twitter or Tumblr, I was sure Clinton would win. The closest I thought I would come to a Trump presidency was the uptick in pro-Trump commercials I witnessed whenever I walked past a TV in Texas. Continue reading This man will never be my fucking president.