Can’t stop, won’t stop reading Alpha Flight

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I recently wrote up a list of helpful comics for those considering a move to Canada (for absolutely no reason whatsoever) for Book Riot. As my blog is a safe space, I can admit here that I basically reverse-engineered the entire list because I desperately needed to talk about my new favorite superhero team: Alpha Flight.

81ru-zbq4jlEven in a time when a bit overwhelmed at work, desperate to understand what’s going on with my country, trying to read as many spy books as humanly possible, and am now officially about five months behind on all the series on my pull list, I’ve been using my spare time to read, think about, or fancast Alpha Flight. For those unfamiliar, Alpha Flight is basically Canada’s answer to the Avengers (and personally, I think it’s very rude that the Avengers, a bunch of American heroes based in the U.S., claimed the title “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes”). Their leader is James MacDonald Hudson, better known as Guardian, who joins the ranks of men like Captain America and Captain Britain by wearing his country’s flag proudly as a form-fitting spandex uniform. The rest of the team is made up of a distinctive cast of characters from across Canada. Continue reading Can’t stop, won’t stop reading Alpha Flight


‘Faith’ in humanity: RESTORED

brb, stealing this look #SOCUTE

Summer Smith is your average young woman, working at a slightly sleazy content-driven website despite her dreams of arriving in Los Angeles and landing a big-time journalism job. But what her colleagues don’t know is that “Summer Smith” doesn’t exist. The red-haired girl in the next cubicle isn’t a mild-mannered 20-something putting listicles together all day and binging her favorite sci-fi show at night. Actually, her name is Faith Herbert, and while, yes, she spends an unhealthy amount of time daydreaming about her universe’s hot Chris and fancasting her favorite comics, she also spends a lot of time listening to the police scanner on her phone.

Oh, and also she’s a superhero. Continue reading ‘Faith’ in humanity: RESTORED

Scott McCloud totally read the email I sent him

No, really, he did.

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My senior year of college, I had to complete two theses — one creative, to fulfill the requirements of my BFA, and one academic, as the culmination of my time in the Honors program. The last long-form academic thesis I’d written was my senior thesis in high school, in which I, for some reason, delved into the history and practice of racial profiling. As a white teenager in suburbia,  I really can’t tell you what drew my to the topic. We were probably told that our ideas had to be “Important” with a capital I. I admit that I did not get out of the project what I should have.

For college, we were encouraged to be a little more creative, and to choose something that “spoke to us,” or allowed us to explore our majors in a new and exciting way. It felt so liberating, to be 21 and able to dive headlong into whatever topic I wished, to live for months studying something wacky or fun or otherwise fascinating. I toyed with the idea of doing something about food and literature, studying meals and mealtimes and eating rituals in everything from classics to contemporary tales. But then, I chose comics. Continue reading Scott McCloud totally read the email I sent him

Allan Quatermain is not the star of your show

Some words for your eyeballs on the recently announced League of Extraordinary Gentlemen reboot attempt from Fox, and why we need someone to finally acknowledge on the big screen that Mina is a boss-ass bitch

Oh gosh, these idiots ♥
Oh gosh, these idiots ♥

I adore 2003’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I appreciate what it tried to do as its own piece of media and I’m forever thankful that it introduced me to the LXG graphic novels, because I was (and remain) a huge Victorian literature/era nerd, and there’s only so many times you can re-read Dracula. 

Subjectivity aside, was LXG awful? Absolutely. Do I care about things like that? Apparently not.

What I do care very much about is the announcement this week that The Powers That Be will be attempting to reboot League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (godspeed, my freaky darlings). A few days ago, when I saw “reboot” in the same title as LXG and my heart did happy somersaults–a new movie! A real movie! A fan-freakin-tastic movie. You need to have the freedom to incorporate all the sex, violence, and bad language that gave a brilliant story its backbone and credibility in the first place.

Because, yes, I absolutely love Sean Connery and wish for him to be my ornery Scottish grandpa. But Shane West’s hair was atrocious, the characterization of basically everyone was all wrong, and for the love of God, why was Quatermain the protagonist??

I have such high hopes for this new movie, everyone. And it’s for just one reason: we might just get someone at the helm who understands that Mina Murray is the hero of the story (and in the words of Regina Spektor, she don’t need to be saved). Continue reading Allan Quatermain is not the star of your show

Stan Lee is writing a ‘graphic memoir’

But…do we really need one?

Stan-LeeIt has come to the attention of basically everyone that Stan Lee, the “Generalissimo” of Marvel, will be publishing a memoir. Of course, as befits one of the men who helped build Marvel–and the comics industry, in general–into what it is today, it will be a “graphic memoir,” using both words and pictures to tell the story of young Stanley Martin Leiber.

In a statement announcing the book deal, Lee said:

“As Marvel just celebrated its seventy-fifth anniversary, I thought maybe it’s time for a look at my life in the one form it has never been depicted, as a comicbook…or if you prefer, a graphic memoir. It strikes me as a horrendous oversight that I haven’t done it before! If I didn’t know everything about my life already, I’d envy your voyage of discovery!”

Yep, that sounds exactly like something our old pal Stan would say. He isn’t known for being a wilting flower–more of a #humblebrag.

Continue reading Stan Lee is writing a ‘graphic memoir’