#Classics2016 was basically an abject failure, but IT’S FINE

Oh God so many books I didn’t read.

So, this year, I set out to read more “classics.” I loosely defined a classic book as anything written at least 50ish years ago or earlier, that people liked to talk about/lie about having read, and anything Barnes & Noble sold in their Classics line. (There is something so satisfying about owning a couple dozen of those books. It feels like an achievement without actually having done anything of worth.)

Anyway, as some of you may have noticed, I started pretty strong! I kicked it off with Wuthering Heights back in January and I felt like I was on top of the world. I bought a bunch of new B&N Classics and pledged to read them before buying any other books (lol). I was doing it.

Unfortunately, I will end 2016 with just 4 classic titles read. But you know what? I’m proud of myself for that. Despite work obligations, assorted social engagements, and just needing time to read fluff, I managed to chose to read and (overall) enjoy four classic books. (And Then There Were None totally counts, HUSH.)

A quick scroll through my read shelf on Goodreads tells me that I read exactly zero books that might qualify as classics in 2015–though I may have read Dracula around Halloween, because I tend to do that. Regardless, I technically read more classics this year–even with the number standing at a paltry four–than I did in 2015. And that means I only need to read five classics in 2017 to do even better!

So while the #Classics2016 challenge may have been something of a disappointment, it wasn’t a total failure. I’ve also managed to leave myself some room for improvement–and Lord knows I’ll want to read some more Great Literature in 2017 in order to pump myself up for the onslaught of stupid coming at us from DC beginning January 20 (sorry, I had to).

Hope is not lost! All is well! Tomorrow will be kinder! Excelsior!

(And nobody forget to also read more comic books in 2017. They’re good for your soul.)

Are you a reading challenger? Do you plan to challenge yourself to read anything new or different in 2017? Let’s compare notes and help each other find some awesome new books!


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