Book Riot — Live!

This weekend, I learn three simple truths about myself.

  1. Sleep is very important to me.
  2. I like books a ton.
  3. I am very, VERY good at coloring with crayons.

Pegasus was lucky enough to have an exhibition table at the inaugural Book Riot Live convention this past weekend, and I spent the better parts of both Saturday and Sunday either manning the table (a.k.a. chatting with cool people and coloring) or attending just a few of the amazing panels they had on the docket.

Some of the highlights:

  • The Oh Comics! podcast live recording on Saturday, brought to your ears by Panels (a Book Riot sister site focusing on — you guess it — comic books, graphic novels, and visual media adaptations of those). Tons of laughs and tons of great recommendations which will have to wait for purchase until I get paid next week.
  • The banned and challenged books panel on Saturday, especially the preaching (“Jesus didn’t ban books! Jesus told stories!”) of the incredible Laurie Halse Anderson (author of Speak, among other titles). I learned a bit more about the challenging/banning processes, and got to hear some very smart women talk about all the reasons why parents might try to take a book from their child (and the children in a community), as well as all the reasons why that’s wrong. Expect a blog post of feelings on the topic shortly; I took a ton of notes.
  • The collaboration panel, featuring Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely (co-authors of All-American Boys) and Shana Knizhnik (co-author of Notorious RBG). Jason and Brendan spoke on the importance of their friendship to their project, and how the book grew from a frustration — and an anger — with current racial relations, tensions, and lack of justice in America today, while Shana talked about how her background in law helped influence and shape her book, and where she and her co-author each thrived in the writing of it. A fascinating panel discussion on what it means to share an idea, to build a passion together, and to share that with the reading public.

I’ll definitely be expanding on my thoughts on most of these panels (and the others I attended) at a later date, but this is just a quick note to remind myself of how I felt this weekend. Namely, exhausted, giddy, and very pleased with the life choices I’ve made that have led me here.

I’m also putting these brief thoughts out into the world to encourage any of you who also made it to #BRLive to comment, message, email, or tweet me! I’d love to hear from any book reviewers, bloggers, or lovers who might want a catalog, and I’m basically a Master of Mailing and always happy to send out review copies (at least to those who promise to rate the book somewhere).

Also, I wanted to share my art:

Katie McGuire; ‘Four crayons on coloring book page,’ 2015.

Expect an invite to the gallery opening shortly. (And start coloring now!)

I love books! I love you! Let’s make it happen.

My current NaNoWriMo word count currently stands at 15,815, mostly thanks to the half-delirious writing time I forced myself into on the early trains all weekend. Let me know how you’re doing in the comments or on Twitter — or just drop by to chat!


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